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Institute Aminuddin Baki ( National Institute of Educational Management), Ministry of Education, Malaysia

Institute Aminuddin Baki (IAB), formerly known as the Ministry of Education Staff Training Institute (MEST), was established in 1979 to improve the planning, implementation and management capabilities of Educational Managers and other education and professional staff in Malaysia. The Institute grew quickly to become the National Institute of Educational Management and Leadership (NIEML) in 1985 when it moved into its own campus which was constructed on a 121 acre-site on Genting Highlands. In 1988, the Minister of Education renamed the institution as Institute Aminuddin Baki (IAB) in honor of Mr. Aminuddin Baki, Malaysia’s first Chief Education Advisor, which is equivalent to the present day Director General of Education.

The functions of IAB includes, Training, Research, Consultancy, Public and Think Tank.


The Mission of the Institute is to strengthen the Human Resource Capacity of the nation. To achieve the mission the following objectives are slated:


a) To enhance management skills of Educational Managers in the country.
b) To disseminate knowledge on Educational Management to our clients through direct learning, outreach programs and distance learning, publications and through the electronic media.
c) To undertake research work in management so as to enhance our understanding of Educational Management phenomena, and to bring such knowledge to bear on our training programmes, and also to disseminate such understanding locally and internationally.
d) To contribute to the growing corpus of useful and universally acceptable principals in Educational Management, focusing on the indigenous perspective of the discipline, which can effectively help meet challenges in the field.
e) To provide consultancy services to educational organizations in the area of organizational development (OD) and human resource development (HRD).
f) To publish and disseminate information on relevant information on education.
g) To function as a “think tank” for the Ministry of Education in articulating issues, facilitating innovations and influencing policy formulation.

IAB’s clientele includes all officers of the Education Ministry who have a managerial role. These are officers from the various divisions of the Ministry, the State Education Departments, District Education Offices, Teachers’ Training Colleges and schools. The primary focus of IAB’s training programmes is for school principals, headmasters and their senior assistants. Nearly 6,000 educational functionaries of the country participate in the training programmes every year.

IAB also runs courses for international clientele based on requests from the respective organizations.

IAB has been conducting courses for participants from the ASEAN countries as well as the Pacific Islands. School Principals from the Republic of Maldives, Sri Lanka, Brunel Darussalam and Thailand have already attended IAB’s training courses. The Institute has organised joint programmes with UNDP, IIEP, The World Bank, INNOTECH, SEA PREAMS etc.

The IAB conducts courses in Educational Research, the Management of Training, Creativity in Management, Policy Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation, Community Education, Instructional Supervision, Educational Planning, Programme Evaluation, Testing and Measurement, Pedagogical Management, Computers for Management, Advanced Consultancy and Project Management, Financial and Administrative Management, and Human Resource Management.

In the area of consultancy, IAB officers, including the Director himself, have been invited on several occasions to provide input in various educational projects at the international level, including those in Botswana, The Philippines, Cambodia, South Africa and Qatar. At the national level, IAB provides consultancy services to government agencies within and outside the Ministry of Education as well as to private sector agencies.

IAB presently operates on a main campus in Genting Highlands in the State of Pahang and a branch campus in the northern State of Kedah. The main campus has 55 professional (academic) staff members and 92 support staff while the northern campus has 16 professional and 15 support staff members. Academic staff members are degree holders including Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. levels in various disciplines. The whole organization of IAB is headed by a Director supported by a Deputy Director and nine Heads of Department. The northern campus is headed by a Principal who is also under the Director of IAB. The Principal of the northern campus is assisted by three Heads of Department.
Contact Address :
Institute Aminuddin Baki
(National Institute of Educational Management)
Ministry of Education, Malaysia
Sri Layang, 69000 Genting Highlands
Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia.
Fax No. 60-3-210 3344
Tel.No. 60-3-210 2422